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about the paintress

Gretchen Baer, artist and activist, is well known for her colorful oil paintings, crazy art cars, and flamboyantly- themed art, musical and political events.
Born and raised on Martha's Vineyard Island, Gretchen hails from a long line of miniature ship in a bottle builders, Yankee Sea Captains, artists, and war heroes that foundered at sea.

Highlights of Gretchen's art career so far include four years in an underground guerrilla art group at Massachusetts College of Art, joining Harrod Blank's tribe of art car artists, spending two years before the mast of a colorful sailing Dragon raft as part of the Floating Neutrino rafting movement, becoming the traveling art ambassador to Hillary Clinton, and painting the U.S./Mexico Border wall with her group, The Border Bedazzlers.

Gretchen is the Paintress of The Cleopatra Lounge west, in Bisbee, Arizona, and The Cleopatra Lounge East, on Martha's Vineyard.

To learn more and to keep up with the adventures of Paintress Gretchen, visit

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